Two Copies

it is possible open two projects in one renoise(as tab i mean)?
i know now it is imposible but what you think about that? :dribble:
i need it maybe not now but in future

any body interesting?

well, would make it easier to copy instruments/patterns/stuff from one song to another, but other than that … I usually work a few hours straight on a song and don’t switch back and forth between several.

what’s wrong with the current ability to open more than one instance of Renoise and copy/paste between them?

When you open many instance of renoise you cant sync patterns.
I think will be good when you can open two projects in one instance, And in renoise should be button sync pattern line. or some think like this.
You start play song 1. And mange song 2 when Button sync line enabled and you click play button in da second song your song 2 will start play from sam position as in song 1. for example if song 1 play at pattern 10 and line 23 song 2 will started from current pattern and line 23.
it is my one idea. now i dont need becouse i dont play live but in future this thing will be nice

i dont know how to do this all but if any body will interested in it i will think about it how tothis and write here about this.
becouse for example if song 2 note played dont use sources etc.

You can’t copy/paste instruments easy between them can you?

guys any body interesting) in this)
because i need it for live playing) realy it needed thing)

if any body dont understand what i mean tell me i will try to tell what i mean.
but really this thing is cool for live playing

I don’t know if I’m right, but I think opening two projects in one instance of a software uses less ram and cpu rather than opening two instances of the software each containing a project. Also copy/paste/sync etc. actions would be controlled more precisely, so I’m with Belkin on this one.

I don’t know if it would be technically possible in Renoise though.

thanks i think that really it will take less resources if you will have some songs in different tabs
yo guys what you think?

… maybe Renoise could becoma a container for several playback engines, even more data objects (songs… hmm, “pattern instruments” on steroids btw…) and one GUI thread…

sorry man but i dont understand what you mean)
you want this features or not?)

and i think it will one of the cool features because really it will be simple to play live with this thing.

ASIO devices do not allow two instances, I was actually going to suggest a feature where you in the config can say “Allow only one instance of Renoise” so you do not accidentally open up two and the one you opened last don’t work properly.

Basically yes :) (“want” ist a strong word, but I think if Renoise could be made flexible enough to do that it probably would positively shine through in other areas as well, so yay)

This was a nice issue to mention. So would it be possible that more than one projects loaded in one instance of renoise (assume that the feature is implemented) would use ASIO simultaneously?

and what no body need it?(((

With ASIO-4-ALL it works just fine. I use two copies of renoise in my live-sets. The sync is a problem, but it works indeed.

I don’t need it and I think there are lots of other features that are more important.
And eventually it might not work as you wish it would. There might be some limitations (like with ASIO) and also some VSTs/VSTis don’t allow to be opened in different songs at the same time.

For example Cubase has this feature of having more songs open at once but you can only play one song at a time and also switching between opened songs is very slow, kinda like re-loading them. All the VSTs get re-initialized and so on. So basically unuseable for live mixing and stuff.

Some of the benefits that this would bring could be compensated by the possibility to save patterns and/or parts of a song and then loading those parts inside another song.

maybe first need to know it is hard to implement this
And about vsts how Live use many vsts in one time?)

This is not a matter with any sequencer/tracker, it’s a matter with some of VSTs which do not allow applications to use more than one instance of them at the same time (They’re not many though). There’d be no difference if you open two instances of the application or open two projects in one application, you can just use one instance of those VSTs.

IMO this behavior of some VSTs can not be a reason of not implementing multi-project opening in renoise though/

i think so too.