two dsp tools that would amazing

  1. parallel processing with a “splitter” device
  2. Internal doofer audio routing for feedback, wet/dry etc.

Parallel processing can be done with sends, but that tends to get messy. It could be made a lot easier and portable with a container device that splits the signal into two or more doofer chains. Vocoders, multiband distortion/dynamics processing - the sky is the limit! And modular!

I know some people have mentioned dry/wet controls for doofers, and along with this it’d be cool to see some feedback controls as well. I don’t think anything too fancy is necessary with routing, just two controls for delay and gain, plus a dry/wet knob. More complex feedback chains could be constructed by using multiple doofers, if need be.

These two things could significantly broaden what we can do with our current dsps.