Two Elektro + House Mixes/livesets

as some of you guys might know, i also love spinning some vinyls from now and then and meanwhile also found a pleasure in using ableton live for creating live-mixes out of tunes, i do not own as physically.

a good friend of mine, kenny beltrey, was kind enough to put two sets of mine online, which i want to share with you here - if you like. :)

1st set : house
source: vinyl
of course, it’s cheesy. however i do still love housemusic for its positivity ever since i discovered it in 1995 and this one has some very old (10+years), but also some more recent stuff bundled - i absolutely love’em all :)

2nd set: elektro-tech
source: sampled vinyls/mp3
made with ableton live. stylewise very “popular” in the clubs currently.
anders trentemoller, thomas schumacher, booka shade, alter ego, extrawelt, adam beyer, etc. are some names here.

have fun!

if somebody is interested in the full playlist(s), mention it and i’ll probably get my ass up for that purpose.

if the music is as great as the size of these files im gonna be impressed :P

edit: yeap, i was. good stuff! (tho i still got well over 2 hours left to listen to)

Thank you, New 2 Gig Memory Card on my cell phone/mp3 player. :D

Will listen to this as i listen to my mp3 player. Looking forward to it!

Really NICE! :)

Thanks perfect to get into the right friday party groove :)

thanks all for taking a listen.
glad you like!

i didnt listen yet… but would like to state in all my drunkness that k303 is a legend, and deservedly so…
your music is so flarghing good…


I liked electro-tech mix. dont like house much ![;)]( Good stuff anyway. Btw, Keith, I cant figure out - what is shown on your avatar?!? :)

It’s Rubber Johnny by Chris Cunningham (with music by Aphex Twin in the video).

considering your statement above, that must’ve been some fairly good booze you had there. :) anyways, thanks for your appreciation, which i can only give back in return (!).

as dblue already mentioned, it’s rubber johnny sitting in his wheelchair.
the shot shows his left-side profile.

if you don’t know the video, give it a watch - i luv it as much as i do love most of cunningham’s work.
same goes for sir richard, of course. :)

whooo :) what a video :) amazing! AphexTwin rulz as usual :) [not my music type, I like more “concrete” stuff] but it was nice to watch, hehe.


lol djnick,
what afx tune is that supposed to be?^^

:) dunno. I found this image on the net :)