Two Features From Soundstudio

  1. note echo

what it does: automaticly echoes notes as defined by the user.

  1. spread notes aka noteshuffle

what it does: spreads notes on notecolumns as defined by the user.

Any possibilities?

  1. a damped retrigger effect?

  2. how exactly?

Probably note-splitting according to an offset like the advanced edit currently offers note-mirroring around a center note. In Hooligan’s case, given notes should be extracted from the selection and be given a dedicated subcolumn.

For the purpose of note echo, i need an example that demonstrate the note-echo idea versus the echo dsp because the purpose is not clear to me.

No, no. Note echo is something completely different. If you have ever used SoundStudio you know what I mean. I knew it was hard to explain :)