Two new tracks from Wrong

After weeks of wall-to-wall work and BS I finally found the time to make some music. The strange thing about taking a long break from music making is that when you get back to it, the music is just there and it feels easy to make new songs.

Both tracks are electronic mid-to-slow tempo pieces featuring a combination of samples and synths.

The first track is called J.G. It features a sample from a Marvin Gaye track and a big beat.

The second track is called Ghost Bass and it too has a Marvin Gaye sample and a big beat, but yet sounds quite different from the first one.

Both tracks use a number of Waves plug-ins that I got on sale, including the IMPusher and the Element synth.

Both tracks are also a tiny bit rough around the edges. In part, this is deliberate because I like noise and scratches and analogue wonkiness. But I have also been too lazy to mix and master them properly.

They sounded good to me the way they were, but I’ve got especially crappy monitoring at the moment. Actually, the speakers are the same, but I’ve moved into a room that’s too big for them and I’m not used to this environment yet.

Let me know if there are any frequencies that need trimming or if there are any obvious mixing fixes that could be applied.

J.G.: I admire the chillingness about the song, very good mixing

Ghost Bass: I really love this song, especially the groovy bass and electro-house sort of daft-punk-like feel

Keep it up! You did very great on these :slight_smile: