Two New Tracks

:drummer: !!! - New Tunes - !!! :panic:

:ph34r: - – — - Revisit of that first one here - — – - <_<


I think your music is moving in the wrong direction. I liked your older stuff better. Your music sounds real quiet too. I think you should work on getting a more full sound from your instruments. No matter how well you write, if it’s low quality audio then you’re shit out of luck. I like the ‘lead’ or instrument in the higher range in your track Sleeping Raven. The drums are busy, but the bass gets repetitive.

Are you using any vst’s or is it all sample based?

No vst’s, just Renoise internal stuff.


I think I know what you mean by “work on getting a more full sound”. To me controlling/creating all this invisible audio is still a bit mystery: I mean how to embody that tight sound I have in my mind into a grooving song. Also started thinking that even if I want to make kinda lo-fi sounds, I have to first understand how sound arise or get its form in computers.

In ÆiskäAfrikka I am switching linesynced delays on/off with animated offset %, LFO stutter, repeater. This is also one of those songs where I tried to create crazy new things, push boundaries of my wedged style of using Renoise.

The only sugestion I can give for a fuller sound is to use a LP filter in parallel with the sounds. But one big issue there is to have it key tracked with the recordings, otherwise it will only emphasize certain pitches. Would need to use some sort of pitch detector to control the LP filter Hz so it follows the melody…