Two noob questions

Hello everybody,

I was wondering how to do two things in Renoise, I’ve used the search but can’t seems to find any clues.

Is it possible to set a loop longer than one pattern ? I guess I could copy the length desired in one big pattern and then loops but I will be lost then in this huge pattern… Or to set loops points, but then I will have to write/delete them every time I want to loop or not loop.

Is there a command or a tool to split a sample automatically in time within a pattern ? What I would like to do :
take a loop.
Write one note to loop.
right click or something to split.
and then I will have pattern filled with notes and each of them will have the correct pattern offset command in the right place.

Thanks for any help, I hope my questions were clear enough.


Yes, click and drag on the little vertical rectangles next to the pattern numbers in the pattern editor.

Perhaps slice markers in the sample editor could help with tasks like this?


p.s. You may want to use more descriptive titles in your future posts. “Two noob questions” isn’t helpful. Something like “Two questions: long loops and sample splitting” may be better.

I dont know that there is a tool to do so, but you can achieve somethign like this by

  • load sample into instrument
  • set tempo to match sample/set tempo so sample fits 4/8/16 beats
    – if setting to beats, helps to have the ruler at bottom of sample set to beats - right click -> beats
  • turn on slice, set slice to snap to beat (top right of sample editor)
  • manualy enter slice on the beats (dont forget one at the start of sample
  • go to pattern and enter sliced notes on the beats.

Probably could be scripted pretty easily, I havent delved into renoise scripting yet.

Thanks ! I’ve tried before the little rectangles next to the pattern numbers without success… But because of your post I tried again and… I disabled the Loop button near to Play :D

For the slicing slice markers shows me the pattern effect to use, but I’d like to write it automatically on the track.

As for the topic title, sorry I didn’t know what to write and I didn’t wanted to make too long, I will edit for convenience.

There’s this:


Thank you, the tip with the ruler bar is really helpful ! Sadly I still have to enter the rhythm manually in the track.

But I don’t know if I did something wrong but my loop was sliced and mapped to keyboard notes. But I wanted to use pattern effect offset instead. I will check it further ^^

Wow great ! Many thanks.