Two Pattern Efx Processing Questions

  1. If I have 8 tracks sending efx to Master, and Master has pattern efx (pitchdown, pitchup, vol cut, retrig, autopan) - and if i make a group of these 8 tracks and move the master ptn efx to the new-group’s master, will these play identically? i.e., are they interchangeable?

  2. how do i do a soundcut in master track, which will also cut the long reverb tails? i.e. a full “cut all volume”?

  1. Have you tried?

2)Simply use channel volume command or volume automation point?

Yep, I couldn’t seem to make up my mind whether it was verbatim or not, hence why I had to come here and ask…

There’s no volume column for master tracks? I tried 0C00 but it only switches that row off. I’m looking to make a dip of two or three rows of silence (even killing a reverb tail) with the pattern editor. can that be done?

It is 0Mxx in 2.8

Hmm. This does seem like a “mute” after a fashion. but it does not kill the reverb tails that are being heard by Master. Is automating the volume of master the only way to accomplish reverb-tail-cuttage?

you could turn on/off the reverb device using pattern commands, if you don’t want to use automation?

yech… i suppose i could try and go the automation route somehow. can that be edited row per row / step by step/? space-on-row-for-off, space-on-off-for-on?

I don’t know what reverb vst effect you are using and what the ‘space’ parameter is, I guess you mean the amound of reverb that is mixed with the dry signal? But look for parameters like mix, or send in the parameter list in the automation editor and try it out! Surely you’ve automated these kind of parameters before?

i only really use automation to do volume fade in, volume fade out type stuff - hence why i was at some point in time requesting advice+ help as to how to do those with keyboard shortcuts. the automation envelope editor is something that to me is just confusing to use :)

maybe if i just put a gain-effect on the master and control that with pattern efx commands, maybe that’ll be the ticket. sounds cumbersome tho :)

Dude, a world of fun will open up to you :slight_smile: , it is really simple, although a little small workspace area if you’re using plugins with a lot of parameters.

If you have the reverb device on the master channel, make sure you have the cursor inside that track by tabbing to it, or if you’re in the mixer, click on the master channel to give it focus. Now if you have the lower tab on the automation editor, on the left side of the screen you’ll see all the dsp devices the track contains, look for the reverb device you’re trying to control…you can scroll down if you can’t find it immediately, or use the search field to search for the parameter you’re trying to control.

If you’ve found the correct parameter, for example ‘reverb mix’, double cluck on the parameter name to initialize the value it currently holds in the gui, i.o.w the current setting, now click in the graph to either draw, transform the envelope or insert points. If you have altered, automated volume before, you’ll know how it works.

There not really a mystery to it, parameters of devices can be found in the list, and the trajectory of those values can be changed over time.

well thing is i had a track-group where some of the drums had reverb on them, and the master was dry. i just hoped to be able to “gate” that group’s sounds (the reverb tails, the beats, etc) with the pattern efx commands. apparently there’s currently no “gate” pattern-effect :)

but you are correct, i should learn to use the automation. i was just quite cheesed off that i could find no easy way of creating exp.curve fade ins and fadeouts with scriptage without first clicking on an automation lane to select volume…

what i was hoping to do was let the reverbs run free on non-song-master-track, and just gate them and the beats and everything. kind of like what “mixer volume” track envelope clips do in ableton live, i.e. no matter what is playing on the channel, it will be muted to death until the volume comes back again :)

What you could do is set up a track where its events trigger a signal follower, controlling the volume of your group track. So every time the particular event/sound runs through the signal follower it ducks parameters in the group track you’re talking about. Probably could also do something similar with one of the other meta devices.

You can later turn down the volume of the track containing the signal follower if you don’t want the event to be heard.

I’m not sure if I get what you mean by this, but how would Renoise know where to put the exponential fade without first selecting the parameter? You can select the different fade’s in a right click context menu, hopefully buttons for these will return one day.

I think the signal follower can help you with this.

As for some reason Renoise only allows automation of the Pre-Fader and not the Post-Fader there is no way to cut sounds caused by effects (EG reverb tails) with Pattern Commands. Although, if your effects are on the Tracks and nothing in the Group it seems very strange you can’t get it to work. I would expect an empty Group with all the tracks routed to it to work how you desire (as all audio exists before entering it.)

Or add a Gainer at the end of the chain and automate that…

yep, i too found it strange that tracks going into a group master cannot be kill-switched-off with a pattern effect on master track. i guess gainer is the only way to accomplish this… for now.

0Lxx command works perfectly.

I’m not quite sure how 0Cxx is meant to work. Thought it was meant to be a replacement to 04xx Volume Slicer but can’t get it to do anything.

Thanks Kazakore. I’ll try L00 & LFF since they seem to cut the reverb.cheers.

0LC0 is 0dB, 0LFF with give you +3dB.

I guess it’s time to do a second shortcut (numlock on/off writes a 0B00 or erases the 0B00 from current_row) to write 0L00 and 0LC0 with…