Two Point Next

Ok I don’t want to seem like I’m being pushy, just curious. Any sign on the horizon for the next version of Renoise? Betas soon?

Beta compo?

Gosh it’s been a while since 2.1 now that I think of it… Must be an epic release coming up! Go team!


There are forum-signs of 2.3 appearing soon, before christmas, also:

(What about a future idea suggestion, ripped off from Buzz, of a new release schedule, meaning daily updates? :slight_smile: )

“Not that far away” is the only thing I can promise. Sorry. We’ve been quite busy with the release in the last months, but it looks like we’re slowly coming to an end now. Slowly…

But no stress please. We’ll start the beta & release as soon as we think its ready. We’ve got no fixed release date.

Has it? Feels like last week to me, actually… Anyway, GO TEAM!

The next version is not 2.3, either… :)

I think i better upgrade now cause i run out at 3 hehehehehe


i think you can associate where there are now in the development- process by reading through voois’s posts narrowly.

we may issue a competition: who guesses the next version number right, wins a Renoise tattoo on his buttock


2 + 5 is 7, and 7 is the ultimate number. Given this cosmic significance, I see the spheres aligning and positive energy involving through Renoise causing blessed DAW transcendence for the team and user alike. May we all rejoice.

You can hold the tattoo, another Renoise t-shirt would be nice though ;)

next version will be 6.1

Guessing the next version number sounds pretty boring to me. It would be more interesting to see who can guess the new feature(s)… :)

…but after reading what taktik wrote about stress in this thread, we’d better not push such guessing game any further… :unsure:

Renoise 0. It’s a prequel.

Well, you can download a sneak preview of the next version…

Can’t wait for an OSX version!!! :lol:

peh, Renoise. I’d rather have this.

the best for me is 2.1bis
or i must pay for the next ^^ :P

I just watched that a bunch of times.

what’s with the sound the 2nd balloon makes when he pulls it off?

Realtime pitch-shifting B)
Next Renoise version comes with one cylinder of each type of gas to compensate for the lacking pitchshift module.

YES! Best of both worlds! :dribble:

After I noticed it, I also noticed several people saying it’s fake in the comments, and from this perspective they could be true.

Even though the science behind what he’s speaking of is entirely correct, did they instead decide to use a film studio quality hardware dsp for pitch-shifting? How very odd. :blink: