Two Random Ideas

here’s two ideas i had:

  • highlighted sample length, to see the start/finish and length of a note as you enter it (no need to listen anymore, to more or less pinpoint where a sample ends).

  • here’s a farfetched one: pattern effects work on vsti’s. obviously this wouldn’t work with all parameters (like 09xx), but imagine sending pitchbend with pitchslide commands (01xx wheee) that would be so useful.

I believe there is a way to pitchbend by sending midi commands to the VSTi… but I’ve not personally attempted to figure it out… I’d like to know how though :P

Your second suggestion exists when using the 9x panning command (in the last notecolumn next to the fx column of the track!) in combination using the MIDI cc values in the pattern fxcommand column.

  • MIDI / VSTI commands in panning column
    o 90 - Send CC Change, value in the effect-column (XXYY, XX = controller, YY = value)
  • Controllers
  • 01 - MOD wheel
    o 91 - Pitchbend, value in the effect-column (XXYY, XX global range, YY = finevalue)
  • XX - 40 = center value, 40 - 7F = pitch-up, 40–01 = pitch down
  • YY - 00 - 7F = finevalue range.
    o 92 - Program change, value in the effect-column (usually the last two bytes are used only (00 - 7F)

But i rather suggest you to solve your second wish with automation (either the MIDICC device which
is the best option or VSTISendDevice), you then have a visual curve that you can control rather than figures in the pattern editor.

cool thanks vvoois, that’s a big help!

here’s another idea: i think that the automation section would work better if it was tied directly to the track commands, and maybe even the notes itself (if you tried out aero studio you know what i mean). doing 09xx commands with automation would be AWESOME!! that would make it really easy to do granular stuff.

for me the whole automation system is a little confusing and cumbersome to work with right now, because it’s so seperated from the rest of the tracker.

thanks for listening :)

ps. here’s aero studio: - i’m not a big fan, but the way all the data is tied together is really nice. the note drawing was really cool to play with.


I also made a few suggestions and pictures about that in this thread.

I seem to head towards putting all effectcommand options in automation devices and turn the effect column into an fx trigger column (only to turn on/off the devices)

i haven’t used automation that much to be honest. i just really like having every parameter on one page, so i can see everything that’s happening. i think that’s one of the big pro’s of a tracker.

but i’ll give it a go again… it just feels a little detached from the rest of the sequencer. more something i would use for fine tuning and mixing.

it would still be awesome if you guys could tie them both together someway, although i understand that the implementation of that must be difficult.

btw, nice picture pysj

Let’s hope it or something akin to it is on the horizon somewhere. I agree that having everything in one place instead of multiple presentations of the same data (i.e. notes) is better, but the idea is great, and the pic is a study in realism. :)