two reaktorpatches

as a gift for you all :

2 patches made by me with reaktor for using in renoise.

the first one is a gated stereodelay. infront of the delay is a gate which lets only loud passages of a track trough, very useful if you have samples with lots of quiet passages and want only the loud parts to be delayed, for example for drumloops or similar.…/

the second one is called wondereq. basically its a set of 5 peakeq’s combined with LFO’s, which can be used to wander around the frequency spectrum of a track and boost or cut ranges of frequencies. its very useful to fill boring lines of strings or other dull-sounding stuff with life.…es/

I still want to rebuild both effects with synthedit so they become vst-effects in the future.

have fun and give me comments please.

wondereq is really cool, looza … I have really basic knowledge about Reaktor … but … 2 questions:

LfoWidth >>> 0 - 60 means a width from 0 to 60kHz ?!

is it possible to made the LfoFreq BPM-dependent with a multipler or a divide value (1/2 1/3 1/4 etc.)

regards, Alex

try out my little Sulmona ArpSynth

There is an accompaining RNS file with some noise made with it :huh:

Most of knobs are tweakable using MidiCC Device (look at RNS to see just a few of them:
CC 01-08 : sequencer note values
CC:20-25: oscilaltors volume

I’m too lazy to write the descriptions in the MidiCC labels :rolleyes:

ps: this has been done with Reaktor 3.05 original version, and some friends of mine reported it doesn’t work on Reaktor 3.04 cracked… anyway the ZIP file is 14KB so it worths a try B)