Two Requests For Renoise

I would like to request two things.

  • Is it possible in the instrument tab for samples to let the envelope view be open by default?
    I think it is unecessary to click twice to view it, in the past it was a single click operation that
    is more easy to me.

  • For the future : Per track groove. A dsp that holds three sliders ,1 for swing 0-100 % , 1 for humanize velocity and 1 for humanize timing, and the humanize would be realtime, so it would be constant variable in time.

second request would be not be done in short time, but I hope my first request would be possible for 2.8 official release.

amazing features in this update, keep up the good work.


I was actually feeling exactly the same sentiment this morning (in large part due to a thread/comment by our Finnish friend whose name I can never quite remember to spell right so I wont try.)

Maybe based on the width of the Renoise window, so it is only open by default if it wont create the need for a scroll bar.

Maybe also have the MIDI Input section also open by default if, after Envelope section is expanded, it can also be shown without the need of scrolling. This is case with 1920x1200/1080 which a lot of people are likely to be using in this day and age.

+1 a million times. Guess how many people wouldn’t have had any issues with the 2.7 update if it had been open by default…

  • making it api-controllable would be swell too.

Icky. I wish instrument view was just back to the good old full pane tracker size (like sample editor).

*edit: and you could kinda scroll though a ‘ghost’ view of your samples behind the envelopes in the envelope editor. 'cause that would sometimes be pretty useful and would always be pimped.

I agree: for sampled based instruments it is a click we could avoid