Two Suggestions For Sample Editor

EDIT: Make that one suggestion. I just found out that you can already do what I asked for in the second one.

Image-line has an awesome audio manipulation tool called Edison (and it’s close cousin Slicex, for slicing, obviously). They both support writing markers to Wav files and reading them. I’ve now discovered that Wavosaur can also write its markers to a Wav file, and that both Edison and Slicex can read them. Reverse is also possible. So, I imagine there must be a standard way to embed markers into Wav files. Sadly, Renoise doesn’t support this. It would be awesome, though. I sometimes whip up Wavosaur to do some slicing, because doing this in Renoise isn’t very comfortable (yet). There are also some Wav files that I’ve sliced in Slicex that already have markers, and it would be nice if I could load them.

Another suggestion is the way selection works. I’m sure it’s been mentioned here, but since I couldn’t find it, I’ll risk adding a duplicate. If I make a selection in the sample editor, then zoom out, there is no way to modify the selection. Wherever a click, the selection will go away. What I would like is either that edges of selection can be moved by dragging, or that clicking anywhere outside the selection extends it (or shrinks it if I drag towards the other end of the selection). Former method is the way Wavosaur works, and it’s pretty intuitive. Latter method is the way Image-Line’s Edison works, and it’s quite counter-intuitive at first, but very efficient after a while.

Not with slices, but it does save these markers (each sequence will have a marker) if you export your song to wav.
The only workaround i could think in this case is create patterns that match the size of a slice and then simply invoke a slice each start of a pattern and then render the song.

But this still wouldn’t allow me to load Wavs with markers into the sample editor, which would be awesome…

Unfortunately this apparently isn’t the case and if you use the Search feature you will find a few discussions on it.

I have suggested a toggle for Load With Options to have Markers that are recognised by Renoise assumed to be Slices but for some reason the Devs didn’t seem to like the idea much…

This could be done with a tool which overrides the internal wav file loader.

The tool would load the wave file with the built in load_from(file) function then re-read the file into memory and parse out the required data chunks.

I could probably do this if required. Probably as a stand alone tool for testing but it could be merged into the Additional File Format Import tool once stable.

I’ll have a look, but it won’t be in the immediate future due to working on Cells!.

Foxbunny: please send me some example sliced files for testing and development.