Two thoughts of creating phrases...

I´ve already wrote about more phrase commands (play notes in phrase randomly etc.) in this forum: Extended phrase editor

But now i think about that phrase should be created also from patterns, so it should be possible to select for example 4 patterns in matrix editor and select create phrase from selection


It should be possible to create new phrase by right click even when one phrase is already created. There could be some choices on what key (keyzone) it should be created or there can be inteligent system that will occupy unused notes, that looks better to me.
In 85% cases i would welcome it because how i work is by selecting scale, creating melody or chords in pattern editor (where notes that arent in scale are forbidden (in phrase editor they are allowed and just transposed)) and then i wanna render it to the (next) phrase. It is not possible by now and it breaks my workflow a little. Scales and phrases is what i love about new renoise the most.

I hope that my horrible english is understadable, thanks. ;)