Two tracks, Tekhnolyte & Construct

Hey all,

Just wanted to share a couple new tracks I’ve been working on while dabbling in a couple genres, still getting the feel of Renoise. As mentioned in the title, any advice with regard to mixing, arrangement, sound design, etc is much appreciated. The first is a somewhat quirky house-ish track and the second is the result of building up a song around a rather harsh synth patch with no genre in mind.

Thanks for listening! :)/>

I’m not a great judge of compression, but, overall, they both sound good mix-wise.
In the first track, it’d be really nice to hear some underlying chords, just to fill in some of the gaps, if you know what I mean (; Sick pad in the middle though, how did you do that? Same with the layering of the Apache(?) break in your second track. Sounds amazing! Only thing you could add, maybe, is a higher octave arpeggio or something to add a bit of treble.

And you’re still getting used to Renoise? Well done!

Thanks for the advice! I’ll definitely have to figure out how to add some layers to the first track. Sometimes I make the mistake of assuming the progression in my mind is apparent, when in reality I haven’t made it clear at all. :)

The pad in the middle was made from a bright keyboard and pad passed Renoise’s cabinet simulator with quite a bit of gain for distortion, along with reverb and EQ. And yep, I used the Apache break in the second track. I wanted to make use of the the 200 breakbeat instruments that were kindly prepared and shared on the tips & tricks forums, and that one was one of my favorites.

I actually bought Renoise almost half a year ago, but due to school and work, never really bothered to properly learn it and make some music until just recently.

The 200 breakbeat pack is pretty impressive I must say :P/>


I will never stop responding to people with this.