.txt samples

I just found something out and I’m kinda thrilled. You guys probably knew this but, still, it’s a kinda cool Renoise trick.

You can turn your .txt files into sound samples. I was browsing through a waveform collection I recently downloaded and I double-clicked on a text file by accident on the sample browser. Well, it created a really buzzy waveform. Good enough for a bassline or something…

I don’t know if this is a bug or an actual feature. I just tried a couple of readme.txt (with various results… I assume the bigger the file is, the noisier it gets) and every time it rendered a buzzy waveform.

Did you guys know that one already or did I actually found something out?


i was going to sleep but suddenly im

testing… all… my… files… right… now…

Let me put it this way. You’re not the first one who found this. ;) Welcome to the forums anyways!

Heh… you live, you learn…

Anyway, I thought it was a cool trick.

Photoshop files works especially good

i make this with audacity you can import in raw all the files ands the resu :drummer: lts is harsnoise