Tyrelln6 And Ace Inside Zen Causes Crash

using ZEN (bigtick) inside renoise gives an ‘fatal vst plugin error’ when loading preset’s for tyrellN6 or ACE (u-he) and soon after that renoise will crash.

suppose i should also report this to bigtick and u-he?

some specs:

  • win7 64bit
  • beta7
  • i do not know if this happened also in 2.6 (tyrell wasn’t released yet)
  • these plugs give no problems when not loaded via ZEN

I think reporting it to BigTick will be the best entry.
Loading plugins inside plugins are hard to prevent hard crashes from if they occur.
Perhaps the memory could be prevented from corrupting more than necessary, but if we speak of memory leaks, this is hard to catch.

yup, notified all… let’s see what happens :]