Uad In 1.8

havent had time to test myself… but how does the UAD card work in new renoise? anyone tested?


I’d like to know aswell. And also have anyone tested Powercore with v1.8?

The uad hasn’t worked proppertly since v1.5…
I can have a identical track in rns 1.281 and 1.8, and the 1.8 version will glitch
and some of the audio will simply drop out.
There seems to be no solution to this problem,
so i’m still using 1.281 :(

I find that “Panic” button helps with glitches and dropouts.

Though you must hit that one quite frequently…

Taktik: Is there possible to add UAD compatibility mode, so every time you hit the stop, Panic will also be applied?

i don’t think stuff like UAD or Powercore will work seamless because Renoise currently doesn’t support automatic delay compensation.

each plugin from those external cards causes latencies, now when you have one effect on one track and say three effects on another track you get different latencies and the song timing gets confused. no good!

right. not even pro-tools supports ADC. except the HD systems. but they cost so much i am ashamed…

taktik: is ADC very hard to incorporate? i am a die hard renoise user. but for now i need to use other programs for mixing since i have a UAD card with nice plugs that are unusable in renoise.


Yes, it is, if one wants to do it properly. One thing after the other…

Thats why UAD have Delay Compensation plugin. You have to manually adjust it, but it helps.