Uad Plugin Saving State Issue

May somebody has an axperience to work witn UAD dsp plugins in Renoise…

Ive noticed what Renoise don’t save a live track status of the plugin within song (it is a small red mic button in a bottom stripe of the plugin GUI window - this function runs plugin into direct data streaming to reduce overall latency).
It does not bother too much, although there are too many plugs activated with live mode…

Working with UAD2Solo with plugins vers 6.2, Renoise 2.8(32bit) running under win7 x64 on laptop.

Perhaps the plugin doesn’t share the option as a plugin parameter (in that case, not much can be done here to solve the problem), can you save the state with a preset from within the plugin?

I’ll try to do this today. But think, what it is not savable in there too…
Well, if nothing helps will try to rearrange UAD plugins in project to eliminate this nuance at work.
Renoise native effects is good too, so very little presence of UAD plugs is needed (like complex reverb or mastering fx).

It seems what this function is not savable at all. In other hosts people have identical problems.
Futhermore, some plugs (like dreamverb) then LT activated drain too much CPU power (up to 10% on core i7 (1st gen) laptop). Waves TrueVerb, for example, use only 5.6% per instance there.