UAD plugins will close down renoise

I have some problems with my UAD plugins lately.

When I tweak some random plugin from UAD within renoise and I want to close it to go on with my track, renoise will be shut down instantly without any warning. So instantly I’m at my desktop, very annoying.

My UAD driver is up to date.

Someone with similar problems?

Do some of you have any idea what the problems is?

Did you check the log file?

Help->Show the Log File …

No, I did not check the log file.

But I think I found the issue.

I checked the box run plugins in sandbox.

And now the UAD plugins are working fine.

But now it’s not possible to tweak any plugin while jamming on the “qwerty” keyboard.

This is also annoying.

So, it’s tweaking plugin while jamming on the keyboard but UAD failure (sandbox on) OR no tweaking and jamming on keyboard but stable UAD plugins (sandbox off).

is there a way to solve this?