Anyone here got a UAD or UAD2?
They worth it?
Which plugins would you recommend?

I am so full of questions I could make a giant question sandwich to feed a room of 500!

hi keef, i am an uad-fanatic for 8 years now and also use it alot with my productions. these plugins are really in a league of their own and even though the native plugins of nowaday have really come a long way the uad’s just blow them out of the park man :)i have the uad-1 still and besides the standard plugins i have both pultec versions, the trident a-range and one of the boss chorus plugins. on my wishlist for 2012 i have the helios eq / harisson eq / precision limiter :). i have tested most plugins extensivly so fire away with the questions :)

if you’d like to hear what it can do send me a snippet as a wav-file of one of your tracks (with a maximum peak in the masterchannel of let’s say -3 / -2 db so i can give let the uad work it’s magic)

if you are in send me a pm and i’ll give you my e-mail :)