[Ubuntu] Best Softsynths/Vst/Ladspa Instruments?

im a convinced linux user and im making all my music on it. tho, i have to say i mostly use samples i tweak a lot inside renoise : i dont know any stable and nice embedded softsynth and its a big limitation. i would like to make nice basses and sounds by myself, the only serious softsynth i know is zynaddsubfx. but its very complicated to use and ugly…i dream to use vsts like v-station and massive within my renoise, but its not gonna happen until a long long time…so heres my question : what can i use instead…or maybe how can i use those as standalone synths in windows using virtualbox, without having any licensed program?

moreover, i dont find anywhere the steinberg sdk module needed to run vsts?

help me!!

http://www.steinberg.net/en/newsandevents/news/newsdetail/article/vst3-sdk-update-available-now-340.html (I dont think you need this to run already compiled vsts though)
http://www.linux-vst.com/ a site with links to already compiled vsts
checkout www.loomer.co.uk (im too poor to buy one myself, but the demos sound sweet.)

Have also a look at discoDSP - Discovery ^_^

You can also test dssi-vst to have some vst as dssi in renoise

Zynaddsubfx can do just about anything if you’re willing to tinker with it enough. If not, the presets are great as well. Plus it’s in the repos!

I’m not sure if you would like this solution, but I run Windows Renoise on Ubuntu in WINE, so I can use windows vst instruments and effects.It runs really well on my system, but of course YMMV. I actually find that windows Renoise runs with a lower CPU overhead per vst on Ubuntu than on Windows.

Until someone writes a Windows vst to Linux vst wrapper, or Linux Renoise supports windows Vsts (I wish) This will be my preferred way of running Renoise.