Ubuntu Deb Package

Hi guys!

I was wondering if it was possible (for me) to redistribute Renoise in DEB format, for easy installation on Ubuntu (and derivates).

I already create the needed files to get this done:

In that archive is the debian folder used to create the final deb.
Here’s a description of the files:

  • changelog -> debian changelog (nothing to see here)
  • compat -> debian compat version (nothing to see here too)
  • control -> description of the package
  • docs -> list of documents to install (README, LICENSE and the manual)
  • install -> list of files to install (using “/usr” as prefix)
  • postinst -> script to run post-installion
  • postrm -> script to run before removing the package
  • rules -> debian script to build package (empty)

Everything is based on the official renoise.sh script.

Using this debian folder, we would have a 32bit and 64bit deb, with the 64bit deb depending on “ia32-libs”, and some lib32*

Feel free to ask anything else you need to know

oooooooooooopsss! sorry )))

While I am usually all for repositories with deb packages, I am afraid for Renoise it just doesn’t make sense. Since the licence is integrated into the binary, you could only distribute the demo version anyway.

I know, and I was not considering any other type than a demo version.
But, on linux, the demo version is fully functional (I hope it stays this way).

I already spoke to some Renoise devs in the past, and they allowed me to include Renoise in KXStudio, which means debs.

It’s available on an external repo (not a PPA), since this is a closed-source app.
I always try to keep it up-to-date (right now version is 2.7.1).

I also have xrnx-tools packaged, and it’s usually pulled together with renoise, so users can enjoy an awesome DAW with even more awesome features provided by these tools.
Not to mention the many plugins in the PPAs too.

Renoise in KXStudio makes perfect sense to me, even if just a demo.

no doubt.

The demo version of Renoise comes pre-installed in AVLinux and has for some time.

…but since avlinux hasn’t been updated for a bit avlinux 4.2 still has the 2.6 demo… not up to date and must be manually ripped out and re-installed… it’s trivial but does require a bit of jerking around in order to remove the old program link and put in a new program link… renoise is one of the few music apps for linux that does not have a repo. . . yet is still (imho) the most stable and robust audio sequencer available on linux. so I’m not getting why fladd says: “for Renoise it just doesn’t make sense”

Renoise would only benefit from being deb’d and popped in a repo. as it would give more exposure to the application and offer users with a nice clean way to stay current.

Well, just try it out:
Install the keyring:

And add the non-free repo

deb http://kxstudio.sourceforge.net/repo/ VERSION free non-free  

VERSION can be ‘lucid’, ‘maverick’ or ‘natty’

There are some other non-free stuff there too, but it might required special packages available only in the KXStudio PPAs (like energyXT depends on my own libaam-jack implementation).

Well, what exactly happens, when having the demo deb installed and then installing the registered version with the renoise installer?

I have no idea.

Can you explain me how does the Renoise registration (unlocking the demo) works?
Is it a custom binary… ?
(I seriously had no idea…)

Yes, it is a custom binary. So you have to install it again and I am curious if this will install it in the same place and if so, if it just overwrites the binary, or if this will lead to other problems.

well, if it’s just the binary, the user can just replace /usr/bin/renoise with their own.

I still need to get more info about this… are any other files different? or is it just the ‘renoise’ binary?

I guess I can make a small article on the KXStudio page explaining this.

I don’t know about that. Renoise comes with it’s own sh install script, though. Very convenient way to install the software, very easy and straight forward.

yes . it installs it in the same place - /usr/bin/ unless you call the name of the full version something different from the demo there is no issue. are there other files installed from the reg binary vs the demo binary? if not it shouldn’t lead to any other problems and would not be rocket science to test!