Ubuntu Edge (Ubuntu Phone)

Is anyone getting this $695 crowd-funded phone?

LINK: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/ubuntu-edge/x/429867

If this thing takes off Apps could be written in C/C++ or JS instead of Obj-C or Java. Probably Python down the road?

Ideally, i’ll be buying one (or something similar) when the service contract on my X220 runs out in 2015. Hopefully it’s enough of a computer to replace my computer by then.

For now I dontaed $50 for a T-Shirt. I’m into it.

For what it’s worth you can already develop apps for Android phones using C++, with the NDK. You can also use JS (via PhoneGap).

And you can use several languages that target the JVM such as Scala. Hell, you can write Android apps using Processing (though my experience has been that the results are fragile).

You can use Ruby via JRuby, but you have to bundle in the JRuby jar in order to get the Ruby libraries, making for a large-ish apk

No thanks and here’s why…

I couldnt care less how pretty it is. If its spyware; No thanks.

I’m still loving my Windows Phone, I’m wishing the Win Platform would take off. Not going to happen, because of the microsoft license fees, and manufacturers would rather use Android Open Source… But IMHO Win Phone is a great platform…

Edit = oh, and that reminds me.

I do not believe in, and or like crowdfunding. If I invest in something, I expect some sort of equity. “Old skool capitalist.” A dying breed…


I dont know where to post this …or this will make an impact, but i could not keep myself back from posting this wonderful idea, and personally feel would be awesome if ubuntu and phonebloks combine together to make this innvoative device possible. Here is the youtube link to the innnovative idea Phonebloks … Do check out guys you’ll definetly like it !!!

Yes, i heard this idea on the radio today. For an electronic community, this is certainly a great idea. Don’t expect bigger manufacturers to invest in this idea though because this idea is economical inefficient. There is a reason why such concept has been abandoned decades ago (yes, this concept is really not new and the reason why manufacturers dropped it was because stuff stays too long in use and manufacturers weren’t getting much revenue to be able to keep developing new stuff easily and sell it). Even though, with phonebloks there is some room to develop new components for it, there will be other future challenges like the base block would have to be renewed one time, requiring you to renew a lot of other components as well.
Open source hardware is another thing a lot of manufacturers are not happy to contribute to. If they would, don’t expect top notch stuff or anything innovative from their part. But as said, the community would probably bring out some nice new standards with this.

I’m super excited about it. I really want one.