Ubuntu Studio - yes or nope?

anyone tried Ubuntu “creative version” ?

Ubuntu Studio comes installed with notable applications such as:

  • Audacity – Audio Wave Editor
  • Qtractor – midi capable DAW
  • Hydrogen – Drum machine / Sequencer
  • Yoshimi – Software Synthesizer
  • Also Jack and DAW - Ardour

is there big difference in OS performance? or there is better linux distributions for old craptop for work with renoise? :slight_smile:

I used to use it about 4 years ago. It was OK. At the time when I first used it, it was supposed to be tweaked for lower audio latency. Though at some point around 2011 the linux kernel was updated and the latency was supposed to be really good for all distros. Sorry I don’t know what version that occurred or much about it. The next time I reinstalled after that, I just used a stock xubuntu and it still performed great for audio. (I needed really low audio latency of like 2.5ms for my midi drum setup)

Anyway, my opinion of the actual distro itself regardless of any performance issues, is that it has a whole bunch of software I never used… For example it not only has audio apps, but also a bunch of image and video editing stuff I never used. Also I didn’t use many of the audio apps, which meant they were just clutter in my programs folder.

Unless you think you are going to use most of the apps that come with it, my suggestion would just be to install a stock ubuntu and then add the apps you know you will use. Doing that would be virtually the same thing.

But, I’m back on Windows now so I been kind of out of touch with Linux stuff for close to 2 years. :slight_smile:

Ubuntu is great because it has huge support! and is most interesting for developers.

Ive used arch, slackware and other distros. They can be faster but a lot of tweaking has to be made for fine studio work (some distros has old gcc or something else and it is pain in the ass to change everything to get some apps to work. For example Bitwig, there is binary for ubuntu. You can make it work on other linux as well but it is too much husle).
I would go with kx studio (debian or ubuntu) without pulse audio (i would recommend xubuntu plus kxstudio repository) and didnt bother with the rest personaly if your main priority is audio.
If you wanna customize your system more go with debian or arch but be ready that some close sourced apps will be problem here.