Uhbik VST Demo Doesnt Work (Crashes opening its GUI)

i just tried using the uhbik demo in renoise 2,5 beta 3,but it crashes when i try to open the plug-in GUI

heres a screenshot of the error message


Works just fine here, but UHE plugins tend to crash when they can not find their resources. Please try to reinstall the plugin…

i downloadet the demos that didnt have a installer,will try the other one

just tried re-installing but get the same error :huh:

Then use this one please: http://www.uhbik.com/index.php?item=downloads (Uhbik for Windows PC or pre-installed Uhbik for Windows PC). Also make sure you’ve not multiple Uhbik plugins in your VST folder. Try a search for “Uhbik-A.dll” in your plugin folder, trash all, reinstall.

SNS: If you still can’t get this working, contact urs form U-He and ask him for help please.