Uhn-shore (JRS|RDS)

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dig the wonky floaty arp that comes in. nice dreamy vibe. reminds me of brainwaltzera

I feel like you need a second drop around 1:38, come in harder/deeper/different. would add some more depth and energy to the track, could even keep it going after that for another minute or two

dig your sound, bro :beers:

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Agreed. This is what I consider a “scrap”. Something I got stuck in my head or that came about while just noodling with a plugin or sample. So kind of like the “turn a loop into a song”, but without the actual turning it into a legit song, more just a skeleton.

This sort of sound is more or less where I’m heading, though. Probably going to upload the source to Audius, if anyone is interested in taking it further. (Audius allows separate source uploads for tracks so you can release stems or just the track itself for free download to be remixed or whatever.)

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cool. got a lot of projects in the works rn, but if I get a wild hair, I might dl it!

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That’d be dope.

Original WAV available to download. Might render the stems, too.

48K 24Bit