UI freeze when accessing samples/instruments

I have a pretty decent setup (i7, 8gig ram, 1to samsung ssd on W10) but I experience often an UI freeze (that doesn’t affect sound rendering if it’s running but can get to 5 seconds in the worst case) when I read samples on the disk before loading them, or go inside an instrument to manipulate samples already loaded/recorded… After the first freeze it doesn’t occur for some time, like if it was a cache story…

That’s not really a problem and I can handle it without pain but I was wondering what could cause this and if someone else experience this ? I already tried to wipe my Renoise profile and start with a new configuration (but with the same vsts) and I get the same behavior… Could that be that I have too much VSTs ? (maybe something like 50… not that much imho, but maybe ?)

What would you look into ?

nb: I didn’t already installed rns 3.3, could it fix this ? I didn’t see much thing about this in changelog but maybe I read too fast…

Have the ‘Power Plan’ settings been checked? Sometimes…
if ‘Turn off hard disks (after x minutes of inactivity)’ is enabled;
symptoms like this can occur.

I have performance plan enforced, but maybe hard drive has a specific parameter, I gotta double check this…

Were you able to find a solution? I am having the same issue, even on tracks without any VSTs. It’ll usually happen with a particular sample within the track each time I initially load the track, but it’s only during the first play throug. Loading the track and rendering doesn’t produce the lag.

Is the disk op / disk browser open when this happens? Is there a difference if the diskbrowser is collapsed or not?

seems like my issue… No, still the same here… I’m wondering if it’s not linked to some vst. I’ll test that when I have a moment.

Do you have tools installed, does it matter/differ if you disable the tools in the tool browser? Access here;

I have 2 small tools about recording midi, I already tried to uninstall them with no success… BUT I have a strong lead :slight_smile:
When I disable VSTs, no more freeze… I don’t have a clue why but I think there’s a bad VST fu*king with renoise plugin list or something nasty…
I think I might empty my vst folders and add vst one after another in order to find the black sheep :slight_smile:

Are you using symlinks/aliases/shortcuts to organize your samples? I had this problem for months and tried everything mentioned in this thread. Then I realized that recently I’ve been accessing my sample folders indirectly (e.g. the Renoise file browser might say I’m in /SSD/Samples/808 but the samples are physically located on /HDD/Stuff/Whatever/DrumMachines/808). I believe Renoise gets confused if it’s “inside” of a symlinked directory, which can trigger any time you access the file browser or load a sample.

I’m on macOS Catalina with Renoise 3.4, and would often get random hangs of five seconds or so. They seem to be gone now that I’ve stopped using symlinks. I’d like to submit a bug report but it’s hard to reproduce consistently and I’m not even sure I’ve solved it, so I’d like to see if this works for anyone else.