UI/Grouping: Is there a way to group tracks+sends?


I’m new to Renoise. I come from Ableton, and one thing I enjoy doing is taking a sample, routing it to an audio track and using the Post FX channel to add effects. I can layer the groups in any way I see fit, and it stays neat, tidy, and flexible for mixing. I’d like to be able to do something similar in Renoise.

I’ve uploaded a screenshot from Ableton showing a small example to help explain what kind of organization I’m looking for.

Am I able to do something like this in Renoise?

Any ideas/input are appreciated :slight_smile:



Here is a very, very crude representation of grouping I would like to see in the UI.

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While not as visually intuitive as an actual group, a send track can send to another send track that is to its right.

You could then have three send tracks that send to a fourth.

Instrument fx routing is extremely flexible and is a great way to go if you’re not using vst instruments. You can create multiple fx chains, in-instrument sends, and use separate modulation sets for each part of the “grouped” sound (read “instrument”). So the instrument can function like a group, with all effect routing internal to the instrument. If you’re using vsti, though, the process is a lot clunkier. Renoise really shines as an extra powerful, modular sampler, so, I encourage resampling and sample based synthesis wherever possible. Saves greatly on cpu as well. I can give an example of how this can be done, if you like.


Using instruments is turning out to be a very convenient way to group sounds. I’m happy that Renoise has it’s own workflow solution to this. In a way it’s more containerized than groups in Ableton. I admittedly haven’t experimented with instruments much before this. I do use some VST’s so I’ll use your advice of resampling.

Thank you for the advice! Thanks to James for replying as well. :slight_smile:

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XRNIs are very powerful. Adjust Macros from the start to save time. That is, adjust parameter min and max from the get go through Macros. Don’t wait until you need something as a Macro. Start adjusting through Macros and you’ll save time, because if done at a later stage, the macro will reset your parameter and you’ll have to do it again.
Everything is modular within Renoise. A sound from within an instrument could be sidechaining a hydra device to many and any parameters in the Song. With tools, it is even possible to sidechain the kick to the Song’s bpm. : P