Ui Rants And Suggestions

Now, feel free to delete this topic if all the following suggestions were already made elsewhere, but after using Renoise for about a year and a half, there are a few things I’d change in it.

  1. The undo function. You never know what it will undo, sometimes it undoes something that I did 5 minutes ago and not my last action. I hardly ever use it since it’s not global (does not affect every action) and unpredictable, despite the fact that in every other environment I use, the Undo is one of the most important and frequently used features for me.

  2. Cloning patterns - whenever I clone a pattern and move it somewhere, I wish the pattern editor would switch to the new cloned pattern automatically. I ALWSAYS clone, arrange and start editing only to realize i’m editing the original pattern, it’s so annoying!

  3. Inserting new patterns - this should be made allot easier! Instead of pressing the new pattern button and changing the number manually for a blank pattern, the new pattern should do that. Don’t you think inserting a new pattern is done more frequently than copying a pattern? I almost always clone them if I want that anyways!

  4. Send channels - when I have a track that uses a send channel, I want the send channel to unmute automatically if I unmute that channel. Sometimes I want to hear only one or sevral tracks, so I press solo, but its send channel is muted also, forcing me to go all the way to the right to unmute it if I want to hear anything. Why the bother? more often than not I’d like the send to be linked to their channels!

  5. Pattern following in play mode - when I play the song and don’t choose to have the pattern editor run through it, I’d also prefer if it didn’t jump to the current playing pattern as well. Sometimes I play the song and want to edit a pattern while listening to it, and this pattern jumping makes it impossible. Why even have that option if it’s jumping all the time? It becomes useless…

That’s it! I hope it makes sense, and that i didn’t come off negative, it’s all constructive criticism.

I agree with every suggestion, especially 5 and 1. And I almost always use ‘clone pattern’ too.

I don’t agree with number 4 as several channels might use one send channel.

It would be more logic if when you press solo on a track it keept all the sendchannels that was used by that track unmuted.

This could be considered a bug…

I thought this problem was fixed, wich version of Renoise are you using?
(can’t check this right now, i’m quickly browsing the boards from my work)

I think I might have read somewhere that it might be fixed but I haven’t bothered to update since 1.5.0…

And since he claims it to be a problem I thought it wasn’t…

I update whenever a new release is out and I don’t recall any surprises in the send channel field…

I liked the cntrl + right shortcut, but i think it should be done for me when I press on the insert pattern button…

a small but effective mixer would be great… with subtracks and groups.

uh, when you mute by rclick it mutes everything that the track your muting is not using. so if you have a send on that track it will not mute that send.

which is incredibly nice!

That’s called Soloing normally :P

If only it worked beyond that though. Say you want to listen to your bass in solo, then bring in your drum part, which go through a send, to see how it all sits together. Unmuting the kick drum first and all would remain silent, as the send channel is muted.

Also I have a feeling, although I can’t check right now and not sure I’m remembering correctly, but soloing a send channel does not keep all channels feeding it unmuted, which it would be nice if it did.

Apart from the possibilty of them adding noise to the final signal I can see little reason for actually muting the send channels (unless you have some sort of risset tone or noise fx that produce noise continuously, of which I don’t know of any but are possible) at all, as all the channels that are feeding them being muted will stop all the sound you need.

Well, you probably know this, but…

You can change the shortcut to something you prefer, like: Ctrl+Enter (which you might not use so much oderwise) or swap the Ctrl+Insert with the Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F1 shortcut.

I also thought that Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F1 is a rather clumsy shortcut for such a frequently used operation.

And I agree with 2), since I found myself in the same situation a few times.