Uk Garage Drums Are Hurting My Brain....

I’m really starting to like the beats in Old Skl Garage… But i’m having serious trouble, just a basic stereotypical would be great to start with…

I already know its a simple kick snare break beat but its just those freacking hi hats… grrr

like in this…feature=related

thanks ever knowledgeable renoise users :P

what?! i’m gagging on nobody’s cock ok…

Did mr. Nobody liked it?

It is all about the swing baby, really simple actually if you could set the groove parameters (in the song settings) for every separate track in Renoise instead of just global.

Now you have to experiment with the delay column which should be doable.

If too much trouble, you can always go through a bunch of garage tracks and sample the instrumental loops. Cut them up and effect them in Renoise to your liking :)

A Locked-on tune right? I have that one… Yes, the swing settings in Renoise are not so great! Solutions: 1. Accept it and use swing on the whole tune. 2. Use the delay column. 3. Export your beat and use as a sample.

But the funny thing is, I read in an interview with Double 99 (even older stuff) they just lifted a loop from a house record, made it crunchy and rolling of the lows and highs and put that under their own beat, not entirely in sync.

the key is having two or more different sounding hats. start with a basic “boom, chick… boomchick” 2-step kick-snare and experiment with putting different sounding hats in different places and sequences between the kick and snare.

go to the bottom of my soundcloud page and listen to ‘Coco Popped’. I think that’s the only proper 2-step one i’ve still got up there

cheers guys, this has actually made me start using the delay function properly and its really helpful. Before my beats would be really rigid unless i used a break, but this has completely solved that aswell…