Ultimate Music Tracker Base


If names like Ultimate Soundtracker, Scream Tracker, ProTracker, Impulse Tracker, FastTracker, Renoise sound very close to your ears you’ve come to right place.

Then, welcome to the most comprehensive database of music tracking software on the internet.

Currently it is in an embryo condition, but i do my best to fill it with all needed information, as fast as i can.

I’m working on this project alone, so updating will be quite slow. Please, be patient.

And finally, i can rest assure you, that this insane idea will not be abandoned until all tracker programs on all available platforms released till 2020 will be fully reviewed here.

Greetings to all trackers around the globe!


If you have any information or some suggestions don’t hesitate to drop me a line via this address:
s p 8 0 8 [ a t } d i s r o o t . o r g

And of course, i would like to say THANKS to all external sources for providing valuable information.

Nice, but I’d prefer a non-javascript interface.

I’m missing protracker and musicline editor - http://www.musicline.org/

EDIT: Octamed missing too…

Wow, some of these I didn’t know. MaxYMiser sounds like a cool project :slight_smile:
Oh, and page looks great on a tablet.

Would like to point out that the AXS tracker/softsynth still has an active website:

This is quite a nice piece of software, very inspiring to use. Tracker is primitive, but with a few good tricks of it’s own.

I am not coder, just using highly tweaked blogger dynamic template.
Currently database filled with only ~10% of information. So, stay tuned!

I don’t try to use it yet, critically have no time despite i am not working now. Interface looks awesome, in 90s fashion.
http://www.resolutionaudio.nl/ - yep i now. site is mentioned in database already.

Doh. The link was greyed out, so I thought it was a dead link. In fact, it was because I had just visited the site :slight_smile:

I thought all available known trackers would still fit into an excel sheet nicely :P
It looks quite nice the way it is represented now, including download links.

Still missing a lot of the Amiga classics (protracker, noisetracker, oktalyser, etc)


People, i know-i know-i know. Be patient. I am working on this alone, so hold yer horses. I announce when i finish my database updating process. And then… your suggestions of missing trackers would be VERY-VERY HANDY and appreciated.

Good job spacedrone.

When I click labels it gives you categorizes by platform but maybe change the text over the screenshot to the name of the tracker and not a date.
Also when you click a tracker perhaps have a few different screenshots that can be scrolled through with the left/right keys.

can you add these trackers too:
Little Sound Dj (LSDj) for Game Boy @ http://www.littlesounddj.com/lsd/
LittleGPTracker (LGPT) for Game Park’s GP2x & Caanoo, PSP, Dingoo, Windows, Mac OSX & Linux @ http://littlegptracker.com/
Modplug for Windows
MilkyTracker for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux etc…
info on more trackers out there… http://woolyss.com/tracking-trackers.php

I working on it now, dynamic templates of blogger is a complete nightmare. And it is not so easy, if you are not a programmer.
Currently i have a plan to add every tracker possible, then reorganize all info, and only than do some tweaks to interface.

Thanks for links and trackers. I enqueue them into list list.

First suggestion seems to be easy for realisation, but the second one involves blogger lightbox plugin (which is answering for image slideshows) and it is painfully buggy under dynamic templates of blogger, i can’t handle with it right now.
It seems, than on the final stage i will need some programmatic skills to mess around with a code.

Filling process under way.
Some updates to interface:
Hope you like it.

I f someone is still in contact with Jeffrey Lim, I`ll still wanted to say thx. ;) By the way - one is missng: http://www.audio-simulation.com/ ;)

Thanks for pointing app. I send donation to him around ~2003:)

dammed I started 88 with the sound tracker on amiga, remixing french kiss…and I had a deluxe sound pro or something like that for sampling, what was a pain in the ass :D I`m still as fucking bad when it comes to music, but it is still better to have a feeling to create something, as to watch tv or other things…


I mailed him my soundcards… no app supported the amd ultrasound (4MB) or the mediatrix those days But hey - Australia wasn’t very reachable by mail in those days… Nowadays I just own crap, but that’s the way I`d always wanted to go, making something (hopefully, music in one way or the other) out of crap is my opinion to create some sounds and of cause to to indulge my fucking ego

Meanwhile base is filling (i have personal android for dirty work, while i chatting on forum ), tell me what tracker of 90’s have the “bestest” and the neatest GUI? Your options…

Well,Ive nerver been into the visual thnigs. As long as the program worked for me, like Id expected it, it was just fine. I used soundtracker, otcamed, fasttracker, impulsetracker, modplug, buzz, renoise and tested some of the arguru (rip) things like psycle and madtracker. Impulsetracker may have had the worst gui (screamtracker), but worked like a charme those days.

My personal favorites: Impulse Tracker/Schism Tracker and of course Renoise.

Filling base is in progress… Some updates. Stay tuned.

Woha! Some redesign : https://trackerbase.blogspot.com/

I am slowly begin to fill up database with new content and clean up the mess.