Huuu. I am going to dump my sound experiments here. Maybe somebody will like it or hate it or be indifferent about it. That would be awesome or awful or at least uninteresting…

Now here is a song I created when I was playing around with overtune, signal follower and a band pass filter. Rythm got the melody to talk and I liked it and then played it to some people, asking whether they understood some meaningful words. Unfortunately they didn’t :(

That’s why I have to show it to the world. Listen closely. to this (mp3)

did you get it?

here is my interpretation (it’s karaoke!)

youtube: Dark Rector - Karaoke

xrns: dark rector

Haaha that’s awesome! I didn’t hear it with out the karaoke script, sadly. The lyrics(?) seem pretty unrelated and nonsensical most of the time too, so that doesn’t help :P

after seeing the words I heard it. I imagine that’s a lot to do with the effect sort of like listening to the beatles backward and hearing satanic messages.

With a bit more definition you could place cryptic/subliminal messages in your work, and people could try to piece them together.

For the last few weeks I have been playing around with the much improved 2D animation system that’s comes with the new blender 2.8 beta and made countless unfinished testclips. Now I have finally found a purpose for all of my 3000 unfinished songs.