Unable to open project file with a lot of Kontakt VSTs; nonstop memory usage rise


I’m trying to open a project file but the application never seems to finish loading it. When I try leaving it to load for a few minutes, my computer BSODs (with the error showing something memory-related).

What I noticed:

  • Renoise’s memory usage never stopped increasing. Could be a non-sufficient memory issue?
  • It only happened to this project file.

Project File:

Opened the project file on my PC. Was loading without issues. Just some missing VST plugins that i don’t have installed. But i may know what the problem is. How many RAM is installed in your computer? I’ve seen, you’re using a lot instances of NI Kontakt. Kontakt instruments are eating up a lot memory, because all the samples will load into the RAM. This can screw up your RAM if you don’t have enough. With memory overload BSOD can happen.

I have 32GBs. At the time of saving this project the file loaded properly. I tried opening it again now and it doesn’t work.

Could you post the log file? Maybe there’s an entry about what causes the problem. You can find the Log.txt file there:

Log.txt (9.3 KB)
Here it is

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I don’t see an entry with the loaded Kontakt instruments of your project. Did you open Renoise with an empty project before sending the log file? If yes, try to load your project again that crashes. After that can you send the log file again?

Oh! Never mind. It decided to not crash my computer this time. Weird…

I guess it’s probably a memory issue, like you said. Thank you so much!

You can try one thing to know if the issues come from the bunch of NI Kontakts. Just move the Kontakt VST to another location that is not scanned by Renoise and try to load the project again. If it then will load fine and just displays the missing Kontakt instances, then you can be sure it was a memory overload caused by the Kontakts.