Unable To Prehear Samples On Disk

I’m a former IT tracker trying out Renoise (evaluation version). I like it so far, but I can’t prehear my instruments when browsing through them on disk (yes, the button is down). I can prehear them fine once they’re loaded into a song. My instruments are all in .xi format. Any ideas why this isn’t working?

In 1.5, only wav samples can be preheared, mp3 and other import formats must be loaded first to have them audible yes.
mp3 is imported through a third party library which is why you can’t prehear this format.
the raw formats won’t sound because of possible damage that can be done to your speakers or ears.

Sorry, I meant to say I can’t prehear instruments. Silly me mixing the words up.

Instruments cannot be preheared from the diskbrowser, if you have loaded them, you can prehear them in the instrument list (when you select them).
Though this instrument prehear-functionality has been removed in 1.8 because nobody used the feature that was designed for it (using the numeric pad as a percussion kit)

In 1.8 the sample-prehear button is toggable in all diskbrowser section because you can load samples at any time in there. The specific sections for song / sample / instrument are there only used for specifying saving format.

bad ass tip - never knew that :yeah: :yeah: :yeah:

Agh I actually have the problem on not being able to prehear samples, ever since I’ve used the program I’ve had no problem, but now for some reason only some of my .wav samples will play when i click them to prehear, others just play for like a second then stop instead of completing the loop, and these aren’t even big files, 1-200kb I would say

In 1.8 or 1.52?
And did those wavs ever did play fine through prehear? If they did, they might have become corrupted somehow or somewhere. (you probably might then also notice a glitch somewhere after loading the sample)
What happens if you would load the sample in an external wav-editor and resave them again?
If they are all fine you could mail those wavs to taktik @ this site.