Unable to record note data from VST plug-in (Stochas -> Renoise)

I’m embarrassed to even be asking this, because it feels like something I should be able to have researched/found, but alas…

So I’m trying to use Stochas (VST plug-in) to record note data into Renoise, and I’m failing miserably. I’ve managed to successfully set up a pathway for Stochas to play an instrument, but even in record mode, Renoise never captures any note data.

If there’s someone patient enough, I’d truly appreciate a deeper understanding of how I should be setting this up. I’ve fiddled with the MIDI routing quite a bit, but I’ve yet to experience any success beyond hearing playback in real-time without any note data capture.

You may want to look at this Recording MIDI notes to pattern editor from VST arpeggiator - #6 by ArturRembe

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Thanks for pointing me to a relevant thread. Solution found!