Unable To Render


All of a sudden, I’m not able to use the Render Selection to Sample feature, nor am I able to render my songs.

I’ve found that re-installing Renoise fixes this, but only temporarily. I might be able to render once or twice at most.

The rendered file is created but is silent. Audio is passing through the master channel, as I can see the meter activity, as well as hearing the signal.

Not sure what technical info might help, but I’m using 2.6.1 reg’d, on Windows XP, with a M-Audio Delta 44 soundcard.

Thanks all!


How can you hear the signal during rendering?
Render to Sample does not produce real-time audio during rendering.

Renoise will silent rendering when something modifies the Renoise.exe. Have you modified the executable in any way? Maybe a virus did? Are you using some kind of packers which make executables smaller?

Reinstalling should definitely solve this.

Pardon me if that wasn’t clear - I meant that I can hear / see the signal during playback of the song. Indeed, no real-time audio is produced during rendering.

I see…I’ve not made any modifications to the executable, nor am I using packers - just extracting with WinRar. Yes, reinstalling works, but I’ve been having to repeat the reinstallation - could it be that reinstalling without uninstalling first is causing the problem?

I’ll run a virus scan. Thanks for your help, both of you.