Unable to send SEND 2 to SEND 1. Why?


Maybe someone knows and could explain - what is the reason for bigger-by-number Sends being not able to have lower-by-number Sends as their receivers?

What’s the logic behind that?

i was thinking it could be really cool and fast way to prepare my tracks for live performance with track mute/unmute by having my default controller mapping saved on first 16 Send channels for that, but the problem is that it’s impossible to send let’s say all my percussion elements to Send 1 if I have some snares grouped and processed on Send 20 already :frowning:

The logic in renoise is in track view you can only send from the left side to the right. In the instrument FX from top downwards. I don’t know the reason for it, but I guess it is to prevent feedback loops (which renoise cannot handle) in a very rigid way.

I go about with that limitation by kind of grouping the sends in logical blocks, so from each block of sends the signal will only flow to the block to the right. sometimes you will have to logically split/copy your processing groups to make it work. I have not completely understood your specific problem, maybe upload an xrns with broken send links so we can try to realise a working setup? maybe you can solve your problem by splitting the sends into two “groups”. Like instead of sending back to an earlier send, send to a 2nd stage set of sends to the right where the toggeling will happen.

I think this also is the case to be able to calculate all DSP in a linear way (for multicore) and having a correct PDC per stream. Is this a lot different in other DAWs? actually never tried… If so, in such a feedback routing the PDC would have to be messed up?