Under the same star


This is my contribution to the Christmas Sampler 2012 from lostfrontier.com online radio compilation.
Track entirely done on Renoise tracker, no VST, no real/virtual synths. Just a bunch of samples and native FX of Renoise.

Under the same star
“All people on this planet live under the same star.”

Best wishes for everyone in 2013.

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Was this inspired by Vangelis? It certainly gives off a Vangelis vibe, at least to my ears. Which is a good thing. :)

Nice composition and very very well mixed.

Damn, I wanted Enya to break out into song so bad :lol: Nice xmas track!

It truly has a “classic electronic composer” vibe to it, and is a great piece in itself.
The URL sends to one of those parked domain sites, the one OP meant is www.lostfrontier.org

Sorry, the right URL is http://www.lostfrontier.org