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I got kind of an old school, 90s, rap style. Haven’t been producing much these past few years so I’m trying something different. Getting back into an all-round more creative place again + getting back to regular lyric writing, it’s something which I plan concentrating more on. So bottom-line is that I’m looking for some good beats to which I’ll pen some raw rhymes. If you’re looking for some raw rhymes for your beats then lets collab… :yeah:/>

I kinda prefer writing conceptual, thought-provoking lyrics so I’m more like a typical underground MC rather than a commercial MC. Here’s some of my old, unfinished, unmastered and dated material from some time ago. It ain’t great since virtually nothing there is finished and it was mostly rough unmastered practise runs.


Sent you a private message!

Nice, I like your old, unfinished and dated material. We’re you from? I have got a big amount of beats , can send you a links if you are interested.

I’ve put up a snippet on my soundcloud that I’d like someone to put some words to. It’s just a single phrase at the moment and I’ll expand it to a complete song if I get someone to rap on it.
You have pretty much alot freedom to make whatever you want with it as long as the vibe of the sound is still there.

Forgot: soundcloud.com/robbie-s

I got back to Vastique and Lukast on the PM, lets make some noise dudes, you got some dope beats…

Robbie, thanks for the link too. Feeling that beat, I’ll record something and send it over…

Good stuff. Can you share some acapella tracks?

Sweet! I’ll expand the song accordingly. The bass is going to change tho. Not satisfied with that one at all.

That would be real nice bro. I have one track in mind which I produced 3 different beats for but it never turned out quite right it’s called Carry on Regardless… let me upload the accapella + the versions I got… back in a sec…

Acapella and a couple of different beats I produced for the track… Never finished them. I’ll put the lyrics up later… If anyone is feeling to do a remix that would be awesome :walkman:/>

Acapella for Carry On Regardless - kinda roughly and quickly recorded but not too bad.

Carry On Regardless - over Beat 1 (unfinished track)

Carry On Regardless - over Beat 2 (unfinished track)

…Cool I finally figured out the embed process…

Ok here are the lyrics to help explain the concept, it’s pretty basic really. It’s about the various motivations people use to get by in life, whether it’s religion, sex, children etc… The verse was written and recorded back 2007 by the way. I put the lyrics up in case it helps with the creative process in any way…

Carry on regardless [lyrics]
by S Bashir

[Verse 1]
Survival techniques psychological governing
To live it’s Holy Bible deity summoning for some people
They only pray in the one cathedral
Claiming their faith’s superior, unequalled

A séance, the living’ll ask ghosts to cast votes on tomorrow,
Superstition a last hope…
There’s chi energy, auras and yoga
They keep fear from the outside like agoraphobia

She’s expelling the demon, rejects a gentleman’s semen
after participating in a high adrenaline evening,
For others it’s pure wordplay, when heard say
“this shit’s worth pay” – they go where their wallet or purse lay…

Manipulation of bodily ornaments to specs stipulated
by what’s commonly audience
Overcoming adversity on Earth’ll be a challenge
set for all mankind to plan time to reach a balance.


Carry on Regardless, heavy loads like sea barge from
the far reaches, One day we be fathers…
And it’s a bet to find hope in times that don’t exist yet
In our kids that never lived yet

[Verse 2]

Looking forward to holding and feeding you when you a baby,
Digi-camera views of you doing the daily…
routine, on your mother’s nipple you sip,
another dribble I wipe away from your lip, it’s blue screen animation

cos you ain’t even arive,
imagination where you thrive you ain’t even alive,
I never named you, put you to sleep at night or played with you,
Never disciplined you when you being disgraceful

Didn’t raise you so other children would imitate you,
You don’t exist but I could never replace you,
A minimal memory of tomorrow’s plan
that’s only invisible temporary like Hollow Man,

True prediction, seeing fruition, a new addition to
my living cos my vision is too efficient,
So when times get the hardest,
just consider the future you in charge of and Carry on Regardless…

[HOOK x2]

lyrics are dope bro

awesome :) now I have a very good reason for starting up renoise.

Dude, you’re actually really fantastic. I’m only just getting into hip-hop production but if I make any nice beats I’ll send 'em over to you.

here, a quick remix I made yesterday night.
really digging your flow mister.

Woah that’s dope man, definitely feeling that remix

Very nice beat and it works real good with the vocal B)
Awesome! :D

thanks for saying so bro, appreciate it

thanks dude, glad you were feeling it and look forward to hearing your material soon

Pretty cool man, you sound kind of like R.A The Rugged Man :)


heres one of my tracks! Looking for Collabs with any artist im not picky just looking to have fun and make music. you can pm me on soundcloud or email me at noahwilcocklss@gmail.com for info!

Kinda late but.

Shah I produced a beat and remixed it with your vocals from Carry On Regardless. You’ve got some good lyrics there and a nice flow that I think fits nicely with one of my tracks In Essence.