Underground Hip-Hop

Hi all the renoise community !

I bought renoise yesterday and i’m really enthusiast about what i can do with. Before i worked on ableton live but didn’t use 1% of it capabilities.
So my question is about using vst, loops and more…i search loops, vst or mods to make Fat Hip-hop. A really basic hip-hop instrumental but very fat sound with a loud and bass kick like 1st odb albums or cypress hill if you know what i mean ?! and i don’t know where i can find something similar to start.
So, if you have any suggestion about how to do this kind of music on reason that would be muc appreciated.

Thanks by advance.


Congralutions with your purchase, I’m sure you are gonna have a lot fun with it!
I think you can best search for a zipfile called 300Breaks.zip
The name says it allready, it contains enough breaks to get your thing going for a while.
Many breaks here used by hiphop hero’s.
I use them and similar packs and when you pick each samplehit from a different break and do your
mixing you are creating some fresh stuff already. 90% of the time no one could recognise this way what the original breaks were and you keep the hiphop community moving by creating new stuff.
For already pre chopped drums I recommend deadly drums, they are processed but give you the kicks with boom in them and lot of other sounds for modern sounding hiphop.
But really it is not about the samplers of the samples you use. I have learned that from experienced producers
and found it after time myself.
I have managed to make a very nice boom bap beat with drumsamples delivered with renoise just because I
knew what sound I was looking for and I had a good creative moment doing it.
Layering sounds and use of fx is where its at. Tune your drums to the sounds you use and to each other.
For swing, try to play some notes in your drumtracks live.
Other tip :you can not make dirty stuff make really clean, the other way is possible !
To hear how samples are manipulated check the sites Sampleur Samplé and Who Sampled.com.
I have not found a good vst for hiphop, I don’t think it even it exists as there are many forms of hiphop music.
I would not download loops, more real songs and take there my loops from or other parts for sounds.
I like old hiphop too so my main source is 1200 + lp’s which is my most important tool to make hiphop. Chopping up longer samples comes a lot into the play too.
But there are many more talented people than me so don’t take my opinion too serious,
maybe someone has better tips for you or you have better idea’s yourself in the end.

Thanks a lots for your reply. i’ll re-read it tonight after work to well understand all you said (otherwise my boss won’t be ok to let me play music at office ;) )
where can i find 300breaks.zip ?

Yeah, the page that hosted that 300breaks.zip is offline.
Does anyone have this and can upload it? I would be very interested.

You have to google it a little. I have tried to find it for you but did not manage to find within 5 minutes so you have to look for it yourself . Similar breaks are fine to if you can’t find it, google " breaks" and you will be fine.

I can’t find 300Breaks.zip either. googled for while but can’t find it.
Could you possibly upload it for us :dribble:

I’m sorry, but I’m not sure what the legal status is of this zip, so I won’t upload it.
Deadly drums are payware if I remember it right too.
Similar to the 300breaks.zip is http://www.rhythm-lab.com/breakbeats
You do have to download each break seperatly.

Samples, samples and once again, samples! :)

http://www.the-breaks.com/ <- here you can find what samples were used in those songs, listen to these artists, look for similar artists

listen lots of old jazz, funk, rock’n’roll etc., find right samples, breaks, groovy loops, process them’ according your will and BANG.


here is what I made almost only with vsti:

VB3 layered with Die Funky Maschine ZD6 for bassline (http://www.genuinesoundware.com/?a=showproduct&b=24),
few chords on MrRay73 Mark II (http://www.genuinesoundware.com/?a=showproduct&b=24),
Some vocal and guitar feedback samples in background,
a little bit of Garritan Personal Orchestra’s Vibraphone on chorus and that’s it :)

Hopefully it will be helpful. Good luck!

I checked parts 1 and 5 and they both seemed to be there so hopefully the others are too.


May be some other useful ones too…

Questionable legality though :-/

dopeness w/ the track bro

DECIMORT from D16 is a great bitreducer. You use it to get vintage 90ies sound of your samples or make your vst sound like a 90ies sampled loop.