Undo function has a bug


I have chosen Renoise recently as my new weapon of choice in making my music among other reasons for its nice and very complete “undo” function, but it’s been a couple of tracks on which I experienced a bug with that function.

The undo menu does not display anything else than “undo change value”, nothing more explicit, and actually it does not do anything if I press CTRL+Z.

I have read throughout the forum that some other people experienced that, and they explained it was because they used one particular VST, and I guess that could be the issue in my case, but I can’t figure out which one fucks the thing up…

I’m posting this just to let it be known, and maybe anyone who develops the program could have a look over this bug and try to fix it for the upcoming releases of Renoise ?

And if by the way someone has an idea on which VST plugins I should beware of, or maybe we can start a “list” if we are many concerned and if you know which vst causes that bug…?

Hi to anyone out there !

I finally found out what was the VST which created the bug and decided to post it here cause that might help anyone in the same case than me.

It’s a free VST Synth called Genesis :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QEzRy3qEnUA

If anyone who’s more into programming than me wants to check why this vst creates bugs on the undo function, that might be good to know why it acts weird…

It’s a pity cause it has a few very useful sounds and it sounds decent for a free vst IMO. I should maybe see how to use the “render plugin to instrument” function so I could still use its sounds without having to deal with these bugs…

plugins created with synthedit can cause problems