Undo removes a VST

Working with things like NI Kontakt, I’ve often pressed Command-Z to undo a change in Kontakt…which isn’t a recognised command… so it undoes the last renoise command, which was to load an instrument.

This just happened and I lost a sampler patch I was working on completely.

Maybe if undo is going to remove an instrument like this it would be useful to have a pop-up to say “are you sure you want to remove this instrument?”

You could setup another shortcut for undo in Renoise. maybe this works in Kontakt, too?

Well its an instinctive action. Undo is command Z… Im not sure Kontakt as a VST allows keyboard shortcuts.

Its just very frustrating when you make a killer synth preset or youre working on something and you undo one tiny action and watch it all disappear.

Maybe a lock action for the plugin, so it cant be deleted…??!

Sounds to me like something that is not supposed to happen unless Kontakt uses ctr+z as a shortcut for closing it. I’ve had similar problem in photoshop under win 10, i press a shortcut in ps and it launches a shortcut in another app. Probably not related to your problem though, but can it be that win 10 is fucking up this somehow?

If you open the plugin window, there’s a checkbox called “Enable Keyboard” at the lower left corner. If this is checked and the plugin window is focused, then your key commands should work for that plugin.

interesting! thanks hopefully this will stop me punching myself in the face

im using a mac in the studio… normally a pc user tho!