Im using Renoise 64bit - V2.8.1 (built: Aug 15 2012) with windows 7. When i accidentally delete a channel and try to undo, the undo keeps saying ‘Change Value’ was undone." and nothing happens. Cant undo the channel delete (pattern data in that channel will be lost). Also if i look at the “edit” and see the undo button is greyd out after couple undo actions sometimes.

Is there a way to set how many undo actions Renoise keeps? or what actions it includes in undo?

Saved the song under a different name and loaded it up and renoise crashes when trying to load up the song.

Using 32bit version doesnt have this problem

Renoise should have unlimited undo levels.

Are you running Renoise scripts that might perform actions based on what you do?
Are you running LFO’s that are consequently modifying DSP parameters?
These are conditions that interfere with the undo registration (your action can be undone, but it might be pushed back in the query by alteration recordings of an LFO changing parameters.)


The 32-bit doesn’t have this problem as in :it doesn’t crash or the undo doesn’t behave erratically?

I have no idea what Renoise scripts are.
edit: just looked up those and no im not using scripts yet =)

Yes im using two LFO’s to modify filter values.

I have been using 32-bit version after i noticed the funky stuff with undo and it works perfectly. It does not crash trying to load the song that crashes 64-bit version.

If possible, could you perhaps share the xrns (as is) that crashes the 64-bit version? The crashing part is something that should not happen. Perhaps its a VST plugin that brings Renoise down, but from this angle, nobody knows for sure.

I had the same with the 64bit version, it said ‘nothing to undo’ or ‘Change Value was undone’. Installing the 32bit version fixed this.

EDIT: ps sory for necroposting

had this a few times myself - load the track i 32bit renoise and you have undo back!

worth mentioning i had this one time as one of the audio files was corrumpted