Une Renoise, En France Ca Veut Dire Quoi?

“Je suis une renoise…”

Since when does “Renoise” mean black woman in France? Is this a common expression or obscure slang?

Hahaha it means nothing…

Renoi means “black” and black people but it’s verlan language. Verlan is a kind of french where you invert letters or syllabus in fact. It comes from “banlieue” (suburbs) of Paris. So renoi is noir in standard french. Then, renoise could be the female word for renoi but I’ve never heard it, and I think it’s not used at all because the female word for noir is noire…

Women = femme = meuf
Shit = merde = demer

Well, i’ve seen the word on dating profiles, blogs, and status feeds. Some people are using it. (Women use it to describe themselves in a few cases…)

Thanks for explaining. Makes sense.

Looking for dates there Conner? llol… =D