Uni Project

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Hi guys,

ANY CRITICISM, no matter how negative would be useful right now, the more constructive the better.

I’m working on a track for uni at the moment where we had to design our own synth sounds, I used Max MSP to generate various sine/saw combinations and then took samples of my waveforms into renoise. Only one section of the track currently has vocals on it but at the moment I’m trying to focus on what I can do with the synths to make the track sound more unique/professional!

Also trying to persuade my uni to buy copies of renoise… that’ll be the day :P




i like the easiness in your track ^_^

lovely… played it a few times in a row.

(didn’t like guitar like sound much tho… it didn’t really fit the gentle mood imho)

I was thinking the guitar solo didn’t really fit, might cut that out when i work through it with the vocalist some more!

When I see ‘uni’ & ‘max-msp’ in the same sentence I’m thinking squisshshshzzzhdhdhdhhhshshhddbdnoise ;) …not the glitch-pop thing you’re presenting! As far as I can tell, great production skills, reminds me of the artist named ‘ochre’.

Personally I can do without the vocal track, could be mixed in a tad louder as well, maybe? I like the guitar noodling, but yeah…maybe leave that section for a strictly instrumental workout?

Take a look at Hunz’s demo track for ideas on how to make the vocals more awexom… also, the bass synth felt like it needed a bit of low end boost.

Other than that, excellent shiz my man.

Hey guys,

Thanks for the kind comments, finished recording vocals so i’ve put up a new version of the track! Something doesn’t sound right about the mix to me, if anyone can put their finger on it please let me know- as this is a uni project and i’d like to do the best i can on it! If anyone would be able to look at the xrns and give me some advice let me know and i’ll throw over a link.


xx matt

Really nice song! Very catchy and fun. Here are some thoughts off the top of my head…

Your voice feels a bit small in the mix at certain times. Have you considered using some doubling techniques to beef it up? If you record 2 or 3 separate takes of the vocals, trying to keep them all pretty close to each other in terms of timing and what not, then layer/play them all together. This can create a really lush vocal sound where the subtle differences in each take interact with each other, and you can get a really delicious natural chorus effect from the tiny variations in pitch. It may not be suitable to use this technique on the whole song, but I think it could work well to emphasise certain parts.

Another thing I noticed is that a few of the words aren’t quite as clear as they could be, especially words that should have a prominent ‘t’ sound in them, so I would suggest to try and focus a little more on how you enunciate each word. I’ll quickly go over a few lines to show some examples… apologies if I got any of the lyrics wrong :) (kinda the point I’m trying to make, though)

The t in “take me” seems to be cut off almost like “-ake me”, so there’s not a lot of definition coming through there on the opening line. The word “these” sounds a bit too much like “this”, and the word “clear” is a bit rough sounding as well.

I’m having difficultly understanding a couple of words in this line

“Show me where the partying starts” ← is that right?

This line is sounding pretty good, especially the word “night” where you can easily hear the t at the end. The words really cut through the mix and sound clear and defined.

Instead of “wanna be”, I think it might work better to sing “want to be”. When you sing “wanna” it’s a little too undefined and muddy. I think “want to” would give you a clearer sound and might fit better.

Is that word “telling”? If so, try to place more emphasis on the t.

(ok, enough with all the t-sound nonsense :) )

I tend to agree with BYTE-Smasher regarding the bass - it feels a little bit weak at the moment. I realise it’s more of a pop song overall, but I don’t think it would hurt to boost the bass, to give it a richer sound with more character and impact.

Very nice work overall, though. I’d love to check out the XRNS :)