Unintentional Embedded Links

I have noticed a few unintended embedded links popping up in certain text of some of my forum posts recently. Upon noticing them, I have always edited the offending post to remove the unintentional embedded links. Is this likely a virus on my computer? If so, I will probably wipe my HD to prevent this annoyance in the future. <_<
Not really a renoise specific question, but any thoughts or advice would be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance for your time.

Ok, so a perfect example…do you see an embedded link in the text “my computer” from my above post? If not, I will assume the problem is on my end. Thanks again.

I think this may be some malware script or plugin in your browser that attaches links to common phrases or words that you may also see on review websites or open wikis. I don’t see any link here, so the links aren’t attached to the content posting.

I see no such link.

You have some sort of spyware/crapware installed.

Check for unknown add-ons in your browser, some’s bound to be processing the web pages you see.

Thanks for everyone’s quick feedback. Will do a system wipe tonight to fix this irritation.