Unique Choir in the song 'Waiting for Spring'

Hi guys. Where did Scooter get that unique choir for their song ‘Waiting for Spring’? And is there a free online soundfont version of that particular choir? Is it a Korg M1 Choir? I have been looking for that particular choir sound ever since I was 16 in 2010.

Hm I would say it’s more like a yamaha choir… WTF I dunno.

Hmm, I’d go with the Korg M1 choir patch :slight_smile:


(Not a great example) Shame he isn’t playing your 3 opening notes :wink:

(Just as a side note: should this not be in the off topic section?)

You’re probably right… it could be a Yamaha choir of some sort. But from what Yamaha synthesizer? A Yamaha SY99? I saw in the ‘Scooter Studio Tour 1996’ video on YouTube that they had an SY99 in the studio, so I’m not sure if the choir came from that SY99. Do any of you guys know?