Universal Asio Driver (this Really Works!)

Amazing piece of software that works perfectly for me in Renoise to bring my latency down from 140ms to just 23ms even though my soundcard is not ASIO compatible!!!

Grab it here:


wow… thanks for that link, works really nice for me :lol:

finally… ASIO!!! me happy! :drummer: :yeah: :guitar:

Nice one, it’s indeed working fine

Doesn’t do any good for my SBLive! - the best I get with this driver is around 30ms outlatency vs 5ms with Directsound. Not to mention that the CPU load goes a bit up (~3%) and the soundcard mixer doesn’t work anymore. Guess I’ll stick with the DirectX mode…


crashes my system … kills my normal EWX asio-output (i setup the A4A driver to my other SB card) … :angry:

how about kxdrivers ?

I using kX drivers with my SBLive, and happy with their stability and features, but they works w/o really noticeable difference in DirectX and ASIO modes.
Probably i should upgrade my audiocard to really feel the advantage of ASIO.

you really should (seriously) play with some VSTi and feel the power of ASIO :) it can drop your cpu usage quite significantly. but if you’re still into sample based tracking then you might not see the difference.

Aah so that’s the trick of ASIO?

I always wondered what people were getting so excited about :lol:

I’m having troubles with the KX-drivers and my Audigy. I only get sound when I reverse the speakers (so left goes through right and vice versa). The easy solution would be to switch my speakers, but I’m also using my headphones a lot. Anyone else has this?

yeah the speaker reversal of kx drivers is necessary. it’s due to sound quality problems. one workaround i use is to plug the headphones to the rear and speakers to the front, and use the surround mixer to pan front/rear each time i want to use either.