Unlimited Patterns

Unlimited patterns and sequences. Or atleast double the current available load. I find myself running out of spaces pretty often…and then again I’m a sloppy tracker… ;)


so far, i’ve never reached the pattern limits. not even in ft2. try learning to ‘factor’ your songs.


this one can be an educative and quite funny discussion to read:

please click me k0r3ly

:rolleyes: :lol:

hehe, funny thread… now my ears are bleeding, they’ve been azazined :o

Anyway, teh azazin dude does obviously not use any tracker commands, and therefore use the high speed to compensate for it… its also like he does not reuse old patterns, the whole song sound more or less the same, so alot of patterns should/could be reused… IMHO


I just came up with a new feature…To add to the endless list of features :)

There is a suggestion to have a make all patterns unique button, but you could also have a optimize patterns button. That find patterns that are duplicates. It would removes the duplicates and replace them with the single pattern.

But I guess its easier to make endless amount of patterns.

wouldn’t it be even simpler to just repeat a pattern than copying the whole thing and finding out which ones are identical? anyway identical means perfect copy - so a single difference will be considered as a different pattern.

i remember when i ported some midi files to .xm though. those converters really did create lots of patterns. and uncompressed too… never really did anything useful with them though…

I try not to repeat patterns as much as possible. Although they may sound similar, almost each pattern is different. I like to lay down 3 or 4 parts and then expand on those parts as individual tracks. But when you zap, you dont really have any way of knowing wich patterns are free and which are not. (unless you sit there and scroll through each pattern and each track of each pattern to look for data wich kills what ever flow you may have going)

Like I said, maybe I’m a primative tracker. But really, how hard would it be to up the limit?

technically, i suppose it isn’t that difficult. but imagine having a 3-digit pattern number… that’s 4096 patterns (FFF hex). with that small pattern ‘arranger’, things are going to get a lot tougher for the musician to organise his stuff. and it’s quite difficult once you hit like 1000 patterns, since it’s rather hard to remember… one suggestion is to re-do the whole pattern arranger, but that’s stuff for another post.

anyway, i did a small little test like what It-Alien did…

  1. set songlength to FF
  2. set pattern length to 200 (hex)
  3. bpm160
  4. speed 2

i still get about 68 minutes of music. of course, the patterns are huge though.